Archives for September 2011

Backyard Makeover

This project involved a large scale makeover.  The owner removed an above ground swimming pool which left a large 50’x70′ area of crushed rock and sand.  We leveled the entire area and then outlined a garden that ran the length of the backyard with edgers.  We took the space in front of their outdoor shed and created a paver walkway to their patio and the yard.  After creating the outline of the garden, we chose the entire shrubbery assortment based on the owner’s desires for maintenance and appearance.  We then seeded the remainder of the yard for grass to grow in.

Walkway Refresh

For this project we removed an older, overgrown bush and the cement pavers and replaced the entire walkway and garden.  We replaced the cement pavers with a brick walkway and lined in with new edgers.  Where the shrubbery was removed, we  planted a new garden with less clutter and added some landscape lighting to finish it off.